Every order sent out by Boutique Smokes comes “powered” by a Boveda bag. Boveda is the World leader in 2-way humidity control. We believe in sending the cigars with humidity control, just so the cigars arrive to you in the best condition and are smokeable straightaway.

Boveda is an American company and has over 20 years of experience in this business. Boveda has become the “go to” for the majority of cigar smokers and cigar makers. Boveda bags come in a range of sizes and humidity levels allowing you to choose the best level for your cigars.

Before Boveda, your humidor used perhaps a sponge or humidity beads/ crystals. These needed distilled water and possibly the addition of a chemical called propylene glycerol to prevent mould. All was fine if you were there to check but, what happened when you went on vacation or just forgot? Not to mention the need to find a source of distilled water.

Boveda changed all that. A one packet solution which needs no maintenance. Open up the clear cellophane bag and pop it into your humidor or cigar case. That’s it. They really couldn’t make it any easier. The most important things to do is actually buying the right Boveda size and humidity level for your cigars.

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How many Bovedas should I use in my humidor?

The number of cigars is related to the capacity of the humidor. A 50 cigar capacity humidor means 50 x Coronas (42 x 5.5”) as that’s the size used as the benchmark for all humidors.


1 X 60GM
2 X 60GM
3 X 60GM
4 X 60GM
8 X 60GM
12 X 60GM



Next question is what humidity percentage should I buy?

65%: Designed for Cuban cigars because Cuban cigars tend to mold at a higher RH level. Keep your Cuban cigars at or lower than 65%RH. This RH is also good for Dominican or Puro cigar due to personal preference or flavor profile.

69%: Designed for airtight humidors including but not exclusively for Boveda humidor bags, Boveda acrylic humidors, polymer travel humidor. Works well in high-end humidors including but not exclusively Elie Bleu and Daniel Marshall.

72%: Designed for most wood humidors. Wood humidors exchange moisture, it is not uncommon to see a decrease of 2–5%RH. The 72% accommodates the moisture loss allowing the humidor to maintain a high 60s RH level. We recommend the 72%RH as your first Boveda in your wooden humidor after seasoning.

75%: Designed for your inexpensive or glass top humidors. The 75% accommodates a high amount of moisture loss allowing the humidor to maintain a high 60s RH level.

84%: Designed ONLY for seasoning a wood humidor WITHOUT cigars in it. This formula is specifically designed to provide moisture directly to the cellular structure of the wood humidor. The amount of moisture required is greater than the wipe down of it. If you haven’t seasoned with Boveda 84%, you haven’t seasoned at all!

All Boveda are accurate to +/- 1% of the RH printed on the pack in an airtight environment.


The lifespan of a Boveda bag is about 3 - 6 months but can vary depending on the relative humidity of where you are and how you use it.


Boutique Smokes is a proud partner of Boveda. It’s the only humidity system we use and recommend.


“I love’s the best product on the market and the easiest to use.”

· Pete Johnson, Owner Tatuaje Cigars

Mike and Pete Johnson

To find out more about these amazing packets go to and to purchase some extra for your humidor click here

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