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Moleskine Cigar Journal

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The Cigar Journal is based on the Moleskine Passion Journal series on their popular line covering 12 subjects. It’s a series for the passionate connoisseur. The journals are more than just notebooks or diaries, they provide more information and then some more interesting sections for records.

Moleskine journals are renowned for the texture of their covers and the Cigar Journal is no exception. On closer inspection you will see that the pattern is in fact tobacco leaves!

The Cigar Journal has 7 sections to it, easily accessed by tabs:

1. General cigar information

2. Your tasting notes

3. Your cigar collection

4. Events

5. Shops

6. Blank section

7. Index


The perfect journal for any cigar lover, it was created by my friend Norio Hattori, the Marketing Director of Pacific Cigar Company (the Asian Cuban cigar distributors). It is an official Moleskine product but, not available on their website as it is made exclusively for PCC. You won’t get them anywhere else in the U.K. I believe.

We are also including a wooden cigar stand, made at the El Viejo Continente Factory, and an optional sampler.