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Boxed Pressed Loveliness.

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Box pressing of cigars initially came via an accident with box sizes; batches turned up a little smaller than specified but instead of wasting the boxes, factories decided to squeeze the cigars in. Inadvertently they had created a box pressed cigar, which had straighter sides instead of the usual round shape. We are big fans of the shape because you can actually smoke a larger ring gauge but after box pressing (or rather mould box pressing nowadays) it feels easier to handle.

Dapper El Borracho Edmundo, 52 x 5.5”, medium strength, Nicaraguan
Artista Buffalo TEN Natural, 50 x 6”, medium strength, Dominican Republic
Artista Buffalo TEN Maduro, 50 x 6”, medium+ strength, Dominican Republic
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RRP for these are £63 but the sampler price is just £57