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Welcome to Boutique Smokes

Founded in 2017 by Mike Choi and Joe Berg, Boutique Smokes is bringing our favourite Boutique New World Cigars to the UK market.

We've tried hundreds of cigars to bring you our personal hand picked selection of what we've found to be the best Boutique New World cigars from across the world.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do

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Our Best Sellers

  • Dapper Cigar Co.

    Founded with the goal to make just one great cigar for him and his friends, Ian Reith at Dapper Cigar Co has certainly achieved his aims and more. Dressed beautifully, and made in Nicaragua, these medium to medium full smokes are complex and have some strength to them

    Dapper Cigars 
  • El Artista

    A family owned tobacco grower and cigar producer in the Dominican Republic, now in their third generation

    El Artista 
  • El Viejo Continente

    El Viejo Continente means “The Old Continent” and the brand is owned by Master Blender Daniel Guerrero. Made in Nicaragua, the brand makes cigars that reflect the old world European cigar culture and has created a blend of tobacco that is rich and complex.

    El Viejo Continente 
  • Epic

    Founded by Dean Parsons and made at the Charles Fairmon factory in Santiago de los Cabelleros, in the Dominican Republic, Epic Cigars are aptly named. Ranging from medium to medium-full in flavour with 3 great vitolas to try these certainly are the cigars to create epic moments.

    Epic Cigars 
  • Kafie 1901

    Kafie 1901 Cigars was created for those that are looking for that classic, well-aged, flavourful cigar experience. All the tobacco is aged for a minimum of 3 years, and the brand was nominated in the best Honduran Cigars category in the 2019 Cigar Journal awards.

    Kafie 1901 
  • Skull 77

    These are not your typical light flavoured Costa Rican cigars, instead blending tobacco from 4 different countries. The cigars use the same blend for each vitola, and the band for each vitola has a little change to the Skull imagery that makes this brand stand out from the crowd. 

    Skull 77 
  • Accessories

    We've selected a fine range of accessories to accompany your boutique smokes, only recommending products that we use regularly ourselves. Here are our favourite cutters, lighters, cases and gifts.

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