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El Artista

Artista Puro Ambar Corona

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· Strength: 2/5 MILD-MEDIUM

· Smoking Time: 30-45 minutes

· Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

· Size: 42 x 5.5”

· Vitola: Corona

· Box size: Box of 20

· Wrapper: El Artista’s own premium Habano wrapper

· Binder: Dominican Republic

· Filler: Artista-grown Criollo and Dominican Orlo leaf 

· Characteristics: Sweetness, smooth, lightly spiced, toasted wood

Puro Ambar is one of the original lines in the El Artista Cigars portfolio dating back to 2011. In 2020 they were re-blended and repackaged the line. They brought the line up to date and developed a cigar which was very accessible to new smokers. The change was due to increased difficulty getting the materials to make the blend, which led to a decision whether to keep the line around, according to a statement from Ram Rodriguez, president of El Artista Cigars.

“What we settled on is a medium-bodied blend with a sweet, smooth, and clean finish with hints of exotic spice and nuances of charred oak.” Ram Rodriguez, president of El Artista Cigars.