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Boutique Smokes

A Little Bit More Of This, A Little Bit More Of That Sampler

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Exactly what it says on the box. We’ve selected one cigar from each of our brands to save you the effort, a fine selection with something for everyone.

Kafie 1901 Culebra (x3), 38 x 6”, medium+ strength, Honduras
Epic Corojo Lancero, 40 x 7”, medium strength, Dominican Republic
Skull 77 El Volcano, 58 x 6.25”, medium strength, Costa Rica
El Viejo Continente Classic Robustom, 52 x 5”, medium strength, Nicaragua
Artista Puro Ambar, 42 x 5.5”, mild-medium strength, Dominican Republic
Dapper El Borracho, 52 x 5.5”, medium-full strength, Nicaragua
Boutique Smokes slim lighter

RRP for these are £145.00 but the sampler price is just £130