About Us

Boutique Smokes was set up because I wanted to do something that would make New World cigars more accessible and affordable in the UK market. I wanted to import these cigars and sell them directly to you, the consumer, via an online platform and try to give you some interesting cigars at good prices. I’m proud to offer you, a personally curated selection of cigars and vitolas. Boutique Smokes is starting small but we plan to introduce more amazing brands down the line.

 Mike Choi


I’ve chosen the brands based on several factors:

· I like the people behind the brand and their story

· They own their own factory or have very close links to the factory

· They have registered their brands in the EU tobacco registration program

· I liked their cigars and think others would like them


Now I know we all have different palates but, I hope you will give them a chance. I’ve kept tasting notes as simple as possible, as I’d rather you make your own tasting notes about the cigars, and join in the conversation on our social media channels.

The most important thing I’d like you to remember, is that I smoked all of these cigars and many hundreds more, in order to procure boutique brands that I hope you will enjoy for many reasons including taste and value for money.


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Every order sent out by Boutique Smokes comes “powered” by a Boveda bag. Boveda is the World leader in 2-way humidity control. We believe in sending the cigars with humidity control, just so the cigars arrive to you in the best condition and are smokeable straightaway.

Boveda is an American company and has over 20 years of experience in this business. Boveda has become the “go to” for the majority of cigar smokers and cigar makers. Boveda bags come in a range of sizes and humidity levels allowing you to choose the best level for your cigars.

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