Cigar Rights of the World

After a wee chat with @rayprodanoff about the purpose of Cigar Rights of the World (no IG page yet), I had to sign up. It’s free and founded by Jeremiah Meerapfel @ubertradition with @reinhardpohorec as President. It’s a new FREE group for smokers around the world to sign up and support the lobbying groups.
At present I think, lobbying groups like @cigarrightsofamerica are business led groups and do an amazing job fighting the sometimes stupid regulations governments try to implement. They represent the businesses; cigar manufacturers view point.
I think where Cigar Rights of the World differs is that it’s a free to join group which will support these lobbying groups by representing you and me, the cigar smoker. When you have tens of thousands of public support for something, the government has to listen and I hope that’s where Cigar Rights of the World fits in - correct me if I’m wrong.
It takes 30 seconds to sign up. Easy as pie. Become part of a bigger voice for smoker’s rights!!!