Half-Cut Candles

Half-Cut Cigar Smoking Candles

Cigars aren’t just about the cigars, if that makes any sense to you? The pleasure of cigars for us at Boutique Smokes includes the environment you are in, the people you are smoking with, what you’re drinking and even what you have eaten.

The environment includes the layout, the decor, the furniture, the music, the temperature and even the smell of the room.  As we noticed over the last 6 months, many of our customers smoke indoors and whilst it is very pleasurable, there is sometimes the issue of stale cigar smoke. The issue is sometimes solved by simply opening a window, however we looked at a few options which would be more effective in terms of smell and still kind on the pocket.


We discovered Half-cut Candles on Instagram and really liked the idea of working with a UK company.  Even better was that one half of the couple was actually buying cigars from us already (thanks for the support Marco).  We chatted over IG and we really liked the idea of their business.  They “up-cycle” wine bottles (which would normally end up in a landfill and take 1 million years to decompose).  They don’t stop there, the wax is sourced sustainably and they have a qualified candle maker who is also studying perfumery.  Each bottle, used for these candles is cut and finished by hand.  The wax is 100% natural and they use the finest quality candle oils.


They have a large selection of fragances to choose from but we quickly narrowed the standard selection down to 3 scents:


Tobacco & Oak

This scent has a heart of rich sweet tobacco and warm spices.  Smokey notes of oak and a hint of cognac combine to complete this fragrance.



This scent is fresh brewed coffee with a chocolate undertone which is sweet and has a rich aroma.



A clean scent, with bold notes of cedarwood and fir needle, combined with notes of grass and hay.


Note: thanks to Louise for the descriptions as there’s no way we could have written that

Each candle has a burning time of approximately 30-40 hours. Available now, find out for yourself here

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