Moleskine Cigar Journal

Moleskine Cigar Journal

For Father’s Day on June 21st we’ve put together 2 great offers for you (or your loved ones) at special prices. Offer 1 is for the Cigar Journal and El Viejo Continente cigar stand and Offer 2 is for the Cigar Journal, El Viejo Continente cigar stand and a 3 cigar sampler pack (El Viejo Continente Classic Robustom, Kafie 1901 Sumatra Toro Bello and the Skull 77 El Niño), both offers at reduced prices!

I wish I had something like this when I first started smoking cigars, seriously. A customer from my Edward Sahakian cigar shop days, told me he used to write little notes on the back of his bands and that’s how he remembered them. I did this for quite a few months, I can write small. I’ve collected bands since I took up cigar smoking seriously. I started an annual “guess the number of bands” competition a couple of years ago for fun. I’ve seen a couple of different types of cigar journals or diaries which have varied wildly in quality and content. You can even use a simple lined notebook if it works for you. If you’re looking for something a little more special to record your cigars or even a gift, this Cigar Journal could be just for you.


The journal was created by my friend Norio Hattori, the Marketing Director of Pacific Cigar Company (the Asian Cuban cigar distributors). It is an official Moleskine product but, not available on their website as it is made exclusively for PCC. You won’t get them anywhere else in the U.K. I believe.


The Journal is based on the Moleskine Passion Journal series on their popular line covering 12 subjects. It’s a series for the passionate connoisseur. The journals are more than just notebooks or diaries, they provide more information and then some more interesting sections for records.


Norio approached Moleskine over 3 years ago with this idea and they initially turned him down because they really didn’t understand the subject matter. After several more meetings, Norio was able to convince them that cigars were not like cigarettes and that smokers were extremely passionate about them.


Moleskine journals are renowned for the texture of their covers and the Cigar Journal is no exception. On closer inspection you will see that the pattern is in fact tobacco leaves!


The Cigar Journal has 7 sections to it, easily accessed by tabs:

1. General cigar information

2. Your tasting notes

3. Your cigar collection

4. Events

5. Shops

6. Blank section

7. Index

Now as you may have read earlier that the Moleskine Cigar Journal is exclusive to PCC in Asia and maybe asking yourself, “so why is he telling us about it?”. I have been given the opportunity by Norio personally to sell these Cigar Journals on our website In the U.K.

Get your Cigar Journal, get smoking and get recording your cigars! Long ashes everyone.



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