Thank You To All You Amazing Key Workers! (Offer now expired)

Thank You To All You Amazing Key Workers! (Offer now expired)

2020 is a probably a year that will go down in history, or at least in our lifetimes as one of the worst. Covid19 has not only taken too many people away but, caused an economic situation no one has escaped. Whilst most of us are on lockdown, there are the many key workers who are keeping the country going. They are too many to list and say thank you too but here goes:


  • All NHS staff
  • All Emergency Services - Ambulance, Fire and Police
  • Supermarket staff
  • Public transport staff
  • Delivery drivers 
  • Freight staff - logistics 
  • Teachers and school workers 
  • Independent shop keepers
  • Post Office workers
  • Refuse collectors and street cleaners
  • Security Staff
  • Restaurant, cafes, pubs, fast food staff and any caterers still operating under lockdown 


In our own little way, Boutique Smokes wants to say thank you to them with a little promo; so have a drink and a cigar on us.

If you are a key worker, email us after you place an order of cigars (minimum 3 singles) with your order number and picture of your work ID or other proof of your work and what you do to confirm your qualification and we will send you a Thank You gift of a cigar and a dram with your order (valid in June).

Key Worker PromoThis promotion is subject to availability, and the cigar and dram may vary.


Boutique Smokes thanks you all for your hard work, dedication and sacrifice in these dark times. 

Long ashes


----- Please note this offer is subject to availability in June -----

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